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The Strategy is speculative and involves a substantial degree of risk, and an investor could lose all or substantially all of their investment. The Strategy is only available to eligible investors who can bear significant risk and do not require a near-term liquid investment. There is no guarantee that the Strategy will achieve its investment objectives. The risks of an investment in the Strategy include, but are not limited to: investment risk, illiquidity risk, long/short strategies risk, event-driven strategies risk, concentration risk, non-diversified status risk, and the risks related to the trading methods employed by the Strategy.

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Three Month Treasury Bill – The three-month Treasury bill rate is the yield received for investing in a government issued Treasury security that has a maturity of three months. The three-month Treasury yield is included on the shorter end of the yield curve and is important when looking at the overall U.S. economy.

Bloomberg Commodity Index (BCOM) – The Bloomberg Commodity Index is a broadly diversified commodity price index distributed by Bloomberg Index Services Limited. The BCOM tracks prices of futures contracts on physical commodities on the commodity markets. The index is designed to minimize concentration in any one commodity or sector. It currently has 23 commodity futures in six sectors. No one commodity can compose more than 15% of the index, no one commodity and its derived commodities can compose more than 25% of the index, and no sector can represent more than 33% of the index (as of the annual weightings of the components).

MSCI ACWI Index – The MSCI ACWI is an index of global equities. It captures large- and mid-cap representation across 23 developed markets and 24 emerging markets countries. With 2,921 constituents, the index covers approximately 85% of the global investable equity opportunity set.

Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index (formerly the Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond Index) – The Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index, or the Agg, is a broad-base, market capitalization-weighted bond market index representing intermediate-term investment-grade bonds traded in the United States. Investors frequently use the index as a stand-in for measuring the performance of the U.S. bond market. In addition to investment grade corporate debt, the index tracks government debt, mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and asset-backed securities (ABS) to simulate the universe of investable bonds that meet certain criteria. In order to be included in the Agg, bonds must be of investment grade, have an outstanding par value of at least $100 million and have at least one year until maturity.